Public Education

Prevention through Education

For information on any of these programs please contact;

Clint Herdegen

Educational Programs

The Wauconda Fire District is proud of our interaction with students in our schools.  Our staff works very hard to provide quality fire prevention and life safety programs to the young people of our community.

We begin in the many preschools and daycare centers in our district to provide students with a familiarization of firefighters and their equipment.  Our goal is that rather than be afraid of a firefighter, especially when they are in their protective gear, children will go to them for help.  Our primary plan is to build a sense of trust of firefighters in these young children.

Each elementary school in our district has a fire district representative who is known by the students on a first-name basis.  This firefighter meets with students monthly to share important fire and life safety tips.  Our goal is not only to teach the children of our community to be safe, but that they will bring the information home to teach their parents!

We serve elementary students in Cotton Creek School, North Barrington School, Robert Crown Elementary, Transfiguration School, and Wauconda Grade School.

We are proud of our involvement with the many school-sponsored activities that occur throughout the year.

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