Wauconda Fire District Staff

Wauconda Fire District email: first initial, last name @waucondafire.org


Patrick Kane, Fire Chief

Chas Buschick, Deputy Chief

Devin Mueller, Deputy Chief

Mike DaValle, Deputy Fire Marshal

EJ Miller, Division Chief of Training

Jeff Giacinto, Director of Support Services

Jeff Steingart, Director of Strategic Planning


Danielle Franklin, Administrative Assistant

Fire Prevention

Mike DaValle, Deputy Fire Marshal

Gold Shift

Dan Frey, Battalion Chief

Joe Studer, Lieutenant

Luke Stasieczek, Lieutenant

Scott Schrayer, Lieutenant

Pete Jablonski, FireMedic

Tim Marchel, FireMedic

Chris Stephens, FireMedic

Brandon Stanonik, FireMedic

Joren Bublitz, FireMedic

Dan Loeschen, FireMedic

Chandler Vandermeer, FireMedic

Carson Bernett, FireMedic

Aubrey Ekstrom, FireMedic

Black Shift

Adam Schlick, Battalion Chief

Jason Daun, Lieutenant

Mike Wagner, Lieutenant

Erik Christensen, Lieutenant

Mike Callender, FireMedic

Brad Koffen, FireMedic

Clinton Herdegen, FireMedic

Donald Miller, FireMedic

John Stasieczek, FireMedic

Ryan Constantino, FireMedic

Victor Visoky, FireMedic

Alex Faczek, FireMedic

Erik Fuller, FireMedic

Red Shift

John Spratt, Battalion Chief

Mike Young, Lieutenant

Tomm Smithe, Lieutenant

Matt Savage, Lieutenant

Seth Dishno, FireMedic

Kevin Tracz, FireMedic

Marcin Staniszewski, FireMedic

Anthony Bloxton, FireMedic

James Finney, FireMedic

Bryan Sliz, FireMedic

Dakota Duncanson, FireMedic

A.J. Cotsiomitis, FireMedic

Michael Krumenacher, FireMedic

Part Time

Dylan Lersch, Firefighter/EMT

Cameron Dunleavy

Grant Guibourdanche, FireMedic

Brendon McGuire

Edward Nick

Jonathan Lee, FireMedic

Connor Deboer